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Surveillance DVR’s

4u_dvr GV-VMS is the ultimate IP video management platform designed for video surveillance. It supports
up to 64 IP video channels, with the support to GPU for video decode and Fisheye dewarp function
  • 64 channels
  • Supports GPU for decode and Fisheye dewarp
  • Supports Service mode
  • New user friendly interface layout
  • Timeline Playback with mouse over thumbnail
  • Dewarp Fisheye video to multiple channels
  • More camera setting functions simplifies installation
  • Heat map
  • 90/270 degree rotation corridor mode
  • Outdoor intelligent motion detection
  • Full Remote Access
  • Supports PC, MAC, Linux, Apple, IDevices, Android, Blackberry
  • WavTeK Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Hardware Raid Support
  • WavTeK Cloud Support
To manage a fleet of vehicles, whether
they over speed, stop overtime, or out
of authorized travel route, by GPS tracking
and GIS mapping, with video. 

POS / Retail

No complexity. It is just a solution that combines video with transaction texts. Filter and sort
through the data as you search for sources of
loss. (GV-NVR only).

Licence Plate Recognition

Integration of LPR enables video retrieving
by using license plate number.

Seamlessly integrated with GeoVision DVR,
NVR, VMS and IP products. GeoVision Access
Control System provides extra confirmation
with images and videos.