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Offsite Backup Services


We provide a offsite near real time backup service based on a sync agent and WEBDAV called CloudSync.

You should look into our service if you…

1. You are you a small user or company with laptops and making due with solutions like Google drive and Dropbox  or USB drives but afriad to have your private data in their hands or are hit by HIPPA requirements that prevent using unsecured backends.

2. Your a small business that is tired of backup tapes and usb drive but need a reliable daily backup without the worry.

3. You have no idea if your backup is working or if its backing up what it needs to.


With our CloudSync Service we can get you fully covered and secured.

our service Includes a professional overview and configuration of your initial backup so we can be sure your have what you need when you need it.



Hippa Compliance

Secured Sync Services

Below we outline
CloudSync can help your organization comply with new HIPAA regulations:  And secure your patient data.


Encryption is Used Everywhere

On HIPAA-compliant accounts, normal connections are disabled and
only secured connections utilizing at least 128-bit encryption are enabled.
CloudSync uses standard 128-bit TLS/SSL for transfers. Further, files are
stored on our cloud virtual machines utilizing full disk encryption. This
prevents HIPAA-compliant accounts from becoming jeopardized.


Protection Against Physical Theft

All CloudSync Servers systems are located in high-security data
centers. Security includes

24×7, a closed-circuit security camera system and keycard access
to all rooms. In addition, each server system is located in a secure cage.


Information Control and

All data is located in secured facilities and does not leave
secured facilities without being 

In addition to web based file access and local client access in the event of a disaster or major failure you can pick of your data locally at our offices making massive downloads not necessary when your need your business back online FAST!

Electronic Security

All systems are protected using firewalls on many levels. Further,
Intrusion Detection Systems

(IDS) are deployed to detect any malicious attempts at system
access. All systems utilize internal only ip access making a remote attack


Password Protected Accounts

Account access is protected using usernames and passwords. These
passwords can be changed

Instantly using the your Control Panel to effectively control
access and meet any password changing regulations implemented by your


Availability of services is a significant aspect of HIPAA. Many
online storage companies fail in this regard due to the lack of proper
telephone support. According to HIPAA, health providers are

 legally responsible for the
proper removal and care of any health data as necessary.


WavTeK can address specific needs for data and has some of the
best telephone support in the IT industry. WavTeK can also handle you internal
I.T. needs to ensure your entire data path as well as your backup data is
secure, available, and compliant.


Cloud Sync Services uses SSL encryption and X.509 certificates to transfer data
to our servers from the client.

server platform is virtualized over multiple redundant hosts and utilizes full
disk encryption on the server’s. This allows 3 levels of security for stored
data and ensures that if a server is stolen the data is unusable to anyone
other than WavTeK personnel.