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Custom Computer Systems

When it comes to computers all are not created equal. 

WavTeK computers are built with the highest quality components from Intel, AMD, ASUS, MSI, ATI, AND NVIDIA. We don’t use off brand components or old stock. Our systems are fast reliable and backed by our On-site support so in the unlikely event that you have an issue with one of our machines we will be right there to make it right.

WavTeK Offers TRUE Custom PC’s and workstations. Some manufactures will take a low end pc and slap a medium graphics card in it and call it a GAMING RIG or add a video capture card and call it a VIDEO EDITING WORKSTATION. At WavTeK we know that there’s a big difference between a real workstation and a system that’s labeled one. With a WavTeK custom system we take in to affect all of the system variables from the software you’re running to the size of the projects you want to accomplish with it. All of this is needed to design a system that is truly customized to the tasks you need it for and has the hardware that’s capable of doing it reliably.


Business Workstations 
Bulletproof reliable systems for main stream business.
Network Servers
Highly reliable, efficient back ends with WavTeK reliability and support.
Home Computers 
Bloatware free, pre-protected and optimized PC’s for the home.


Tired of buying a new PC just to spend hours setting it up?

WavTeK designs and builds cost effective servers, home PC’s, and business workstations. WavTeK systems are ready to roll out of the box. NO registration, NO activation, NO endless first time configuration windows, NO hours lost to windows updates. All WavTeK PC’s come pre-setup with all the latest patches Windows updates, virus definitions, and anti-spyware THAT NEVER EXPIRE!. Most WavTeK computers can be used and worked on seconds after being plugged in!.