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In today’s modern business environment everything revolves
around the network. Whether it is a mobile device or even a desktop having fast
reliable connections is the key to smooth networking and productivity.

Is your business up to date with the latest standards and
are you running as fast and possible?

WavTeK can get you rolling fast and securely with solutions

  • Point to point VPN and Client Vpn tunnels
  • Remote desktop Services
  • Virtual desktops
  • Office 365 solutions
  • Building to building and internal high speed WiFI
  • Vlans
  • Network content Control solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • PCI Compliance
  • HIPPA Compliance

Have multiple locations near each other? 

Tired of paying
thousands a year for slow internet based connections or manually moving data? 

point-to-point wireless link may be the answer and they are far cheaper to
deploy now than in the past. Call us to see if you meet the requirements for a
PtP wireless solution and you could be saving $$ with no reoccurring fees.

Does your company have network security cameras? Use online
video services or voice services over the internet?

 Or have lots of mixed
internet traffic? 

Maybe it’s time to have us review your network to optimize connections
and prioritize traffic.

  • Routing
  • Bandwidth control
  • Port Trunking
  • Access control
  • QoS